China Badminton Clubs Super League


It has been 5 years for Chinese Badminton Clubs Super League hosted by Administration Center of Table Tennis and Badminton under General Administration of Sport since 2010. Trough careful planning and sound operation, Super League is getting more and more mature while making breakthrough in reform.  All the most excellent players in China participate in the league and some of the foreign excellent players are transferred to participate in it. China Badminton Clubs Super League has developed to the top-level badminton club league at home and abroad.

Since the start of China Badminton Clubs Super League in 2010, it has gone through a series of important reforms. For the system of demotion and promotion, it has adopted: 2 teams demoted and 2 teams promoted, no demotion or promotion, only demotion and without promotion, respectively. For scoring method, it has adopted: 21 points and best two out of three; 11 points best three out of five. The league keeps exploring new models in the aspects of player exchange management, home and guest court choice, business rights, league campaign and setting three versus three and so on to make the league more standardized and more popular.