Development Plan


It plans to take 3 to five years for perfecting the building of club coaches, sports team third-tier team and back-up talents pool, achieving good results at international and domestic games, Youth Games and Province Games, winning the championship of Chinese Badminton Super League on the current basis of wining the fourth place; implementing badminton on-campus plan, popularizing badminton in 15-20% of schools and normalizing amateur training in schools with stadium and schools with stadium nearby on the basis of improving faculty quality; implementing national strategy of nationwide fitness campaign, soundly popularizing and promoting mass badminton to make the regular badminton-fitness-goers account for 15% of  sports population under age of 60; enhancing international exchanges, implementing global badminton promotion strategy, paying 1-2 visits for friendly games and applying quota from China Badminton Association to participate in gold-level international games; building a indoor competition hall that can accommodate 2000-3000 audiences and meet the requirement of live broadcast of CCTV and is equipped with training, swimming, tennis hall, rehabilitation center, starred hotel, coach and player apartment and other infrastructures (including 12-15 sports functions) in Lao Shan District; adapting for the new trend and new situation of sports , introducing market value law and market economy regulation and operation law of investment and output into clubs, expanding operational channels, perfecting self-development and creating unconventional market-oriented brand image through attracting investment and joint-effort with business partners.

It is planned to take ten years for: forming an alternative structure of the old and the young coaches and players, realizing providing 5 to 8 for first-tier and second-tier of national team, cultivating 2-3 world champions, 5-8 national champions and keeping to be the top three in China Badminton Super League; establishing a mature talent pool structure and talent training industry chain ranging from youth hobby, training, talent selection for teams, competition, supplying, popularizing badminton teaching in around 30% of schools, advancing nationwide fitness campaign through promotion and popularization of badminton league matches, making the regular badminton-fitness-goers account for 18% to 20% of  sports population under age of 60; establishing a mature mechanism of international exchange visits and communication, normalizing the visits to foreign countries and reception for foreign teams, improving club’s international image and status; expanding sports base to 100 mu, building more supporting sports infrastructure so as to be able to undertake intensified training of national team and international competition, at the same time setting up a sports school to further improve back-up talent training mechanism; establishing a mature market operation system and self-development ability; making market operation revenue account for 6% of the total revenue of the sports industry in the city, creating a century club and realizing the dream of badminton.